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About Us

AI Imaging grew out of’s blog as it became increasingly evident that deep learning and machine learning techniques were going to have an important impact on radiology, and all of healthcare.  Essentially, the blog has been bifurcated.

AI, Deep Learning, and Machine learning and machine intelligence topics as they pertain to imaging will be discussed here so not to dilute the value and spirit of

I’m Stephen M Borstelmann MD. I’m a former Wall St. Options trader who in a fit of idealism, went to medical school with the intent on becoming a surgeon, but ended up becoming an Interventional Radiologist, which is a very cool career that resembles playing video games for a living.

Along the way, I was exposed to six sigma and lean methodology for efficiency & I wondered – how could we do this better? So the was born. Three years and over 5 digits in hits later, I’m gratified by the people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, influence, and collaborate with.

In 2015, I was clued in to deep learning as applied to computer vision. Through my twitter account @drsxr, I started to try to inform and create awareness that a sea change was approaching in medicine. From these deep learning techniques – colloquially referred to as AI (Artificial Intelligence).

As 2016 evolved, it became clearer that AI was not a fad & I began experimenting with it on my own. At that time, systems were inaccessible to all but the most dedicated computer scientists, and I watched from the sidelines while continuing to learn.

Around 2017 things changed, with technology maturity levels sufficient that people of intermediate skill levels (enthusiast-level) could attemp. As such, I abandoned my CPU and entered into GPU-based deep learning.

While my research interests vary, I remain committed to disseminating information to fellow physicians, ensuring we have a place at the newly formed AI table, to protect our patient’s interests as we have sworn to do by our Hippocratic oath. And we might just improve medical care in the process.

Please join me & reach out to me if I can be of any assistance to you in this manner.